NAREB’s Five Pillars

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NAREB's Five Pillars

Central Jersey Board of Realtist Supports The National Association of Real – Estate Brokers (NAREB) efforts with increasing economic growth in cmmunities by way of NAREB’s five pillars

Decromacy in Housing  has been NAREB’s mission since its inception 1947. Many of the disparity issues of the past still exist today

The Building Black Wealth Program (BBWP) consists of initiatives designed to address the myriad of concerns having an impact upon NAREB’s ability to increase Black homeownership as described in NAREB’s annual editions of State of Housing in Black America (SHIBA). The pillars are as follows:

  1. Faith-Based and Civic Engagement
  2. Women Investing in Real Estate (W.I.R.E)
  3. Diversity & Inclusion/Smaill Business
  4. Multi-Generational Wealth Building
  5. Government Relations/Advocacy